Hek lasercutting

About us

Hek provides services including laser cutting, laser marking/engraving, powder coating, bending for processing of sheet metal, metal artwork and metal screen from China to worldwide.

At present, we have two sets of laser cutting machines

One mainly cut metal plate for sheet metal with 1.5mX6m cutting table.

Another one is specially used for metal artwork for metal pendants, wall or street art work and decorative screening and panels.

At same time we can provide bending and laser marking services in one house. Our Fac. is located in one big industrial zone, there are some zinc plating plant, powder coating plant surrounding us, if customer has other additional requirements, can contact us to get more information.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is one new type of method to cut metal or non-metal materials, when cutting, the laser beam is focused into one point of luminous flux with very small diameter, which has very high power intensity, then put the metal sheet or other solid material on the cutting desk, the surface of material starts to melt with high-temperature heat from laser beam, meanwhile the fine lines appear with moving of laser beam on the metal. In general, for getting high-quality custom cutting parts, we need to use auxiliary gas – nitrogen or oxygen gas; both of them can make different effecting for metal.

Advantage of laser cutting

Non-contact cutting on metal, it is one big advantage for laser cutting , also that make one revolutionized development in the world of Metal working. Today no matter your design, your job how complex it is, but for laser cut, just one piece of cake.

Simple, fast, precision!

Save money, save time, save trouble!